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Here’s what some more readers are saying about the book! I’m so honoured and humbled of the kind words people are saying. I want to hear from everyone, so please send me your thoughts.

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins – David Dingwall has expertly blended h is own insights with those of other veteran negotiators. The end result is a must-read business book. Well done, Dave!”
– Brian Burke
President of Hockey Operations
Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins gives the reader the opportunity to see what happens in the “real world”. The quality of business leaders who Dingwall has assembled is truly amazing. The videos are an added bonus.”
– Ralph E. Lean, Q.C.
Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins – A rare business book that combines pertinent, expert advice and great storytelling. Dingwall hits it out of the park.”
– Jim Meek
Public Affairs Atlantic

“It’s a great read by a dedicated public service persona who brings a unique and practicable perspective to business problems. It will be especially useful to young people.”
– Paul Zed
Chairman, President’s Advisory Board
Enterprise Business Unit

“Impressively fresh and captivating. Negotiating So Everyone Wins is a must read for anyone looking to enhance their negotiation skills or strive to be a better communicator in their profession and relationships.”
– Dave Andrews
President & CEO
American Hockey League

“David Dingwall has written a valuable book, based on his own experience and a wide range of people he’s interviewed. A great read with invaluable insights.”
– The Honourable Bob Rae

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins is an insightful and actionable guide for anyone who wishes to enhance his or her reputation and communication skills. Those aspiring to influence people and enhance their performance will want to read this book and master the skill.”
– Dr. Beth McCharles
Sports Psychologist

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins – Dingwall’s insights on how to be a top-notch negotiator are cleverly weaved in a most interesting book.
– Anne Golden
Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Special Advisor
School of Urban and Regional Planning
Ryerson University

“Dingwall hits the mark with Negotiating So Everyone Wins. It is comprehensive, it’s funny and substantive.”
– Michael Claener
eNRG Consulting

“I honestly wish that I read a book like Negotiating So Everyone Wins years ago. It’s compelling, engaging, and brimming with practical tips.
– Carolyn MacAulay
Breton Law

Negotiating So Everyone Wins is a must read for any young executive trying to better themselves and also trying to positively influence others. The book was clear and concise, the ability of Mr. Dingwall to deliver valuable concepts through personal stories and experience helped to visualize how one could apply theory to real life situations. The principles illustrated in the book can be applied to all areas of life, not just the boardroom.
– Lindsey MacIntosh
Cape Breton University Alumni Association

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins is an insightful and actionable guidebook for anyone who wishes to enhance their negotiating skills. Those aspiring to influence people, enhance their performance and get things done will want to read this book and master the skills.
– Buzz Hargrove
Former President CAW

“Negotiating So Everyone Wins motivates and inspires! Dingwall’s composition of exceptionally-researched material blends his own truly authentic experience with that of others while encompassing bouts of humour and humility throughout.
– Shauna Kelly
Office of the President
Cape Breton University.

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